LimeFx Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of LimeFx com 2 of 10

LimeFx Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of LimeFx com 2 of 10

Perhaps, it’s one of the most significant characteristics for traders. LimeFx responsibly maintains a solid regulatory framework and comply fully with financial laws as an authorised and regulated broker. New traders should start with the eight Forex Basics articles. Quotes remain sourced from multiple liquidity providers and matched for the best possible execution. Traders of gold, silver, and palladium can trade against their preferred currency.

The trading platforms are designed for clients on PC, iPhone & iPad (iOS devices), and Android. With MT4, clients have access to a full suite of Forex trading services, with the ability to enter/exit trades instantly. Further, you can use third-party software or program your own bots to trade for you.

These are unequivocally distinct from any and all LimeFx corporate accounts, a measure that fortifies the integrity of our clients’ assets and builds an enduring foundation of trust and reliability. Our advanced Price Aggregator continually scrutinizes the Bid/Ask prices entering our ECN system, displaying the optimum price combinations sourced from our liquidity providers. This dynamic pricing mechanism creates a professional trading sphere for all levels of traders, opening avenues for enhanced profitable trading.

  • Clients can trade using a Virtual Private Server, which LimeFx says can give them three main advantages, including accessibility, security, and speed.
  • We believe in fostering long-term cooperation grounded in mutual trust.
  • Trading indices are used in all kinds of investment vehicles, such as mutual funds or retirement plans.
  • Unswervingly, we refrain from operating a dealing desk or engaging in forex market-making.

Overall, these three elements show that this broker is concerned about its clients’ experiences, even if they are new to the trade. They have been regulated and licensed for over a decade by Cyprus Securities and Exchange, which LimeFx claims aids in consumer protection. There will be no commissions or administrative expenses for traders using Islamic accounts and no swap fees. Islamic accounts are available upon request, and LimeFx has the right to refuse to give an Islamic account if it deems it necessary. Plus, LimeFx has won the UK FOREX awards for the best forex trading account in 2017, while Interactive Brokers doesn’t have any awards at all. Both LimeFx and Interactive Brokers are incredible forex exchanging brokerages.

Key Advantages of Navigating FX via LimeFx’s ECN – STP Model

The most important this about this platform is that the LimeFx regulated environment of operation makes sure that the users have all the promised safety when it comes to account equity. And, the brokers that come with zero opening deposits are meant to attract new users. However, the transaction commissions and other fees might be higher as they come with such low costs.

When you are trading online you not only need your platform to be secure, but you also want your site to be secure. While LimeFx ensures that their platform is secure by all means you need to take care of your side. However, LimeFx brings amazing value here as well by providing you VPS by BeeksFX. In this way, you will be trading via this VPS ensuring higher security at your end as well. A selection of free downloadable e-books and PDFs is also provided. Beginners can benefit from the step-by-step guides on forex trading basics.

Although Interactive Brokers has existed for a much longer period, it is not the best option if you’re looking for a brokerage with low minimum deposits. The FOREX and CFD broker supports another mobile exchanging platform called the MT4. This exchange platform provides its users with fascinating features you can even use on the desktop version. These pips sometimes go up in spikes if the platform reports trading session breaks and market news. And, if some market news event comes up, the spread will considerably widen. Not only that, but it also provides a live chat service and even an online form.

A Multi Terminal option is available for investors who wish to manage multiple accounts on the same platform. Clients can hedge, scalp and simultaneously trade on an unlimited number of accounts. Those looking to trade metals can choose from spot gold, spot silver, and spot palladium, all versus the US dollar or, in the case of spot gold, the euro. Crypto traders can trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, ZCash, Dash, and Ripple, and energies traders can trade spot US crude oil and spot UK brent oil. LimeFx blog providing me with wonderful analytics on various markets and instruments. It always keep my mind full with fresh trading ideas that is implementing later in some ways or another ways.

Compare Trading Instruments

Everything looks fine and I like broker’s conditions, so i decide to make a deposit. The only issue i had was due to using Metatrader 4 trading platform, its mobile version to be exact. The executed order showed up in history book after several seconds and that puzzled me a little, but i think that was because my phone is 7 years old, so gotta test it. This company has the extraordinary background in financial services.

While every broker has its unique set of pros and cons, the advantages of trading with LimeFx significantly outweigh the cons, making it a vibrant trading hub in the financial marketplace. Utilizing the MetaTrader 4 platform, LimeFx provides flexible trading systems, extensive technical analyses, algorithmic and mobile trading for various devices. Traders have access to a range of Forex tools providing invaluable insights into Forex trading trends, including Forex calculators, live quotes, market hours, and more. The LimeFx ECN XL Account comes fully packed with all the features that can be expected from an ECN/STP Broker. This includes multiple available markets, access to scalping, commission-free trading, and no required minimum deposit.

Types of LimeFx Accounts

Tight spreads and favorable trading conditions are not mere marketing cliches when it comes to LimeFx. Overall, LimeFx is a multi-asset brokerage firm that gives you access to trade over 200 financial instruments via the popular MT4 trading platform. You can benefit from a range of competitive trading conditions, limefx website such as low spreads from 0.0 pips, zero commission fees and reliable execution speeds. There is only one trading account type but several payment methods for you to choose from. Beginners can take advantage of some basic educational content and see what the broker has to offer with a demo account.

It provides brokerage services internationally and is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. LimeFx reviews indicate that the edge of this broker is keeping the trading fees as low as possible to match the most demanding clients’ expectations. At the same time, it maintains the status of the brokerage with excellent executions based on straight-through processing. This is a no dealing desk broker that executes orders using the STP/ECN model, which guarantees that the clients get the best executions with minimized risk of slippages and no requotes.

Trading Instruments

We do not present any investment advice or guarantees for the accuracy and reliability of the information. Also, always consider LimeFx rollover or overnight fee as a cost, which is charged on the positions held longer than a day defined by each instrument separately. However, trading with ECN XL Account broker promises no swap charges, making you an easy calculation and great benefit too. Leverage levels depend on the instrument you trade and are defined by the regulatory restrictions together with your personal level of proficiency.

Then I actually started trading on their platform, and the conditions are just super rich and favorable. The trading conditions of this broker are the best I have ever used in my trading experience, no cap!! The spreads are so tight, and the broker does not charge any commissions on trades. There are so many fantastic things about the broker, but the trading conditions really blew my mind. LimeFx offers demo accounts, apparently without any time limit, making them ideal for testing algorithmic trading solutions and new strategies. I want to caution beginner traders against using a demo account as an educational tool.

Whether you need more security or more options you get all of that here. Trading can be your way of making a living and if you do things the right way you can make a lot from it. Whether you want savings for life, a lavish lifestyle, or anything else trading can get you all. While there are a lot of trading platforms that provide trading opportunities, there are not a lot of options available with learning options.

MT4 features 50 economic indicators which are geared towards helping traders understand the financial markets. Other features include full analytical functionality, charts, trend analysis, and 9 timeframes. Various alerts are built into the system, to help LimeFx traders on a fully secured trading platform. The MQL4 language is enhanced with customized indicators, scripts, libraries, and more.

This program offers high-end commissions, a customized partner site, a large selection of marketing materials, comprehensive tracking, and global payment possibilities. LimeFx treats its partners as individuals, and regional partners receive support with marketing initiatives and are also given marketing funds. The first one is the base currency pair (e.g., USD/JPY), where the base currency is the US dollar and the base pair is the Japanese yen. The second one is crossed-pair which consists of an exchange rate between two currencies (e.g., EUR/USD).

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