Mediation Process

Mr. Weinman is available for both in-person and remote mediations depending on the preference of the parties.

To check availability and reserve a mediation date, please complete the form.

Mediation Location

Mr. Weinman is available for both in-person and remote mediations depending on the preference of the parties.  If the parties have agreed in advance on the preferred location of mediation, please advise the office when scheduling a mediation.  If no office has been agreed upon, Mr. Weinman will provide a neutral location to conduct the mediation.  Mr. Weinman mediates throughout California.

Mediation Briefs

Briefs should be submitted at least five (5) days prior to the mediation hearing and should include the following:

  • Facts
  • Procedural history
  • Legal claims and basis for claims
  • Potential or perceived barriers to settlement
  • Damage evaluations
  • Settlement demands/offers

On non-class action cases, Briefs should not exceed twenty-five (25) pages, excluding exhibits.  Class action briefs should not exceed forty (40) pages, excluding exhibits.

Mediation Attendance

All parties must have an authorized representative present at mediation who has ultimate authority to settle the case.  Physical attendance by individuals with ultimate authority to settle the case is crucial to a successful mediation.  In class actions and cases involving insurance carriers, all parties must be available throughout the course of mediation if they are physically unable to attend.


Availability and Date Reservations

Payment and Cancellations

If full payment is not received in advance of the mediation, the mediation may be cancelled.  The mediation fee is refundable if the engagement is canceled fourteen (14) days prior the scheduled mediation date.  The mediation fee is subject to forfeiture if the mediation is canceled or postponed less than fourteen (14) days before mediation, unless the date is moved to a different mediation date on the same matter.


Exchange of Briefs

While it is encouraged for the parties to exchange briefs and exhibits in an effort to streamline the mediation process, any briefs that are marked as confidential will remain confidential and will not be shared with the other side.  If you wish for certain information to be disclosed to the other side prior to mediation, please let Mr. Weinman know in advance of the mediation which portion, portions or exhibits from the confidential brief that you wish to disclose.